Auto Accident Injury

Here, we will discuss various car accident injuries and treatment options. Car accidents are very common and can range in intensity and type of injury. Most often, patients will experience a number of joint and bone misalignments caused by the impact that can be very painful. At Frost chiropractic we work to correct these misalignments and release the muscles and nerves that have been pinched or affected by the impact.

Typically what happens to the body during car-accident, whether it is a rear-end car accident, T-bone or head-on collision, the patient braces for the impact, if only for a brief second, by grabbing the wheel and stepping at the breaks. By doing so, the patient takes the whole car weight and impact into the body. Thereby, flexing and hyper-flexing most of the muscles in the body, which then lead to a range of discomfort, misalignments, pinched nerves, tears and pain.

The pain can present itself in various areas of the body, but most often will travel up through the spine toward the neck and then spread into the shoulders.

Treatment Options:

There a number of treatment options we offer our chiropractic Carlsbad patients who have been involved in a car accident. Most often, we will use chiropractic manipulation first to align the bones and the spine and release any pinched nerves. Then we will re-evaluate and see how the patient feels. Further treatments may include physical therapy and chiropractic rehabilitation to increase motions and accomplish long-term relief.

Please watch the video below to learn more about car accident injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents cause great strain and trauma on the body which take time to heal. Dr. Greg Frost speaks about what typically happens to the body in automobile accidents, how chiropractic can heal the trauma, and what to expect with your chiropractic treatment at Frost Chiropractic Longevity & Wellness.

We also offer treatment options for the following conditions:
Neck pain
Upper and mid back pain
Low back pain
Joint Pain

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