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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Frost Chiropractic, CarlsbadIf you have never been to a Chiropractor before it is reasonable that you may have one or more questions that you would like answered before you make your first appointment. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and Dr. Frost’s reply:

1.)    What kind of problems does Dr. Frost treat?

A.       Dr. Frost sees all kinds of injuries throughout the body. However most frequently he deals with symptoms or injuries specific to the spine such as the neck, mid or low back. Frequently, he is also asked to treat injuries to the shoulder, knees, elbows, hands, wrists and ankles.

2.)    How does Chiropractic work?

A.       Chiropractic works by returning the range of motion and mobility to the specific joints involved. In other words when part of our body is injured there is a tendency to not use the part to its maximum capability. This may be due to inflammation or an actual tear or injury at the site itself. Dr. Frost works with these areas to stabilize them, reduce any inflammatory complications and return the joints normal mobility and range of motion. The outcome of this is a return to normal use of the injured part and greater ease with the activities of daily living both at home and at work.

3.)    What can I expect at my appointments with Dr. Frost?

A.       Initially Dr. Frost will consult with you and identify the extent of your problem. This may include how long you have had the problem. What areas were involved, what may have cause it and any extenuating circumstances such as pain down one or both of the extremities. After identifying the problem Dr. Frost will then perform an orthopedic and neurologic examination including range of motion to identify the extent of the injury. After this he will produce a treatment plan focused on decreasing the severity of your pain, the frequency with which you have symptoms and finally to return you to your usual and customary daily activities at home and work.

4.)    How often will I come for treatment and how long will treatment last?

A.       Typically, in the acute stage of the injury you may expect to be seen 2 or 3 times per week. This is then decreased as symptoms disappear or decrease and your activities of daily living increase. A good way to think about how long you will be in care would be to consider your symptoms as decreasing from a level of 100% to 0% or none. When symptoms completely resolve you are considered healed and discharged from care. However, sometimes symptoms do not completely resolve either in severity or frequency of occurrence. When that is the case Dr. Frost will try to stabilize the patient at a very low level of complaint. This means that the patient has improved by a factor of 70-80% from their original complaint level. Dr. Frost will then stabilize the patient and see the patient at increased periods usually every 4-6 weeks.

5.)     I’ve been to my primary care physician but the medicine he gave me isn’t working. Can Dr. Frost help me?

A.       Yes. Medications sometimes are not site specific or strong enough to combat symptoms. In this case physical medicine is more effective. Dr. Frost will work with you to increase your joint mobility and your range of motion and decrease your severity of symptoms and frequency with which they occur. He may give you an exercise program which you will do in the office, as well as at home. This may also speed up your recovery time.

6.)     I don’t want to take medications, is Chiropractic just as effective?

A.       Yes. Chiropractic has been shown in many studies in injuries of the spine to be more effective than medications alone.

7.)    I’ve been to physical therapy but it didn’t work. What does Dr. Frost do that will be different?

A.       As with medications sometimes exercises alone may not be effective. Dr. Frost will use joint mobilization and manipulation to increase range of motion and restore mobile mechanics to the affected areas. As these areas become more mobile inflammation is decreased. Range of motion returns and the patient is able to return to normal or more normal activities of daily living.

8.)    I’ve been in a car accident. I have headaches and dizziness. Can Dr. Frost treat those symptoms?

A.       Yes. Headaches and dizziness frequently arise from a “whiplash” type of injury to the spine as the head and neck are thrown backward. These vast and forceful motions interrupt nerves, muscles, and ligaments which may then cause symptoms of headaches and dizziness. Dr. Frost will treat the neck to decrease its inflammation and return it back to its normal function which will in turn decrease symptoms of headache and dizziness.

9.)    I’ve had surgery to my spine. Can Dr. Frost still treat me?

A.       Frequently when a patient has had spine surgery they are very hesitant to have any interaction with either a chiropractor or a physical therapist around these areas. For example, if a patient has had spinal fusion of the neck Dr. Frost will typically not mobilize or manipulate this area. However, if the patient is having neck pain then there are other avenues of treatment available including range of motion exercises and a technique called myofascial release. These may be employed safely and may decrease the patient’s symptoms. The same is true and applies to patients who have had surgery of the low back. If the patient has had surgery of the neck there is no contraindication of treatment to spinal segments below the surgical site. For example if the patient has had low back surgery Dr. Frost can readily treat the neck and mid back without any complicating factors of the low back surgery. If the patient has had neck surgery Dr. Frost can treat the mid to low back without any complicating effects to the neck.


I hope this has answered any questions that you may have or have had. If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We would be happy to speak with you and address any concerns.


Best regards,

Dr. Gregory Frost

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