Joint Pain

Joint pain is very common, and the most common include shoulder and knee pain. These can vary in degree of pain and type of injury and each requires a unique treatment. Let’s discuss each shoulder and knee joint pain separately, so that we can get a clear understanding of these types of injuries and treatment options. Dr. Frost is a skilled Chiropractor Carlsbad patients visit for all types of joint pain injuries.

Shoulder Injuries:

The 5 categories of shoulder pain and injuries
1.    Strain / sprain – often caused by a repetitive motion. An overuse syndrome
2.    Tendinitis – trauma to the joint, common among weight lifters.
3.    Bursitis – also trauma to the joint
4.    Impingement – the shoulder join itself starts to pinch from below to above. This is often caused by repetitive motion above the head and similar, repetitive injuries.
5.    Frozen shoulder – Extreme, repetitive injury to the shoulder. The patient is typically in a lot of pain and can only hold the shoulder in one position, generally against their body so the shoulder is not hanging down.

Treatment options:

For non-frozen shoulder patients, Dr. Frost can actively treat these types of injuries with physical modalities, mobilization of the joint, and manipulation of the spine that supports the shoulder, various exercises, which include wall and standing exercises as well as bed exercises. Toward the end of the treatment, Dr. Frost, will focus on shoulder strengthening for long-term health.

For frozen shoulder patients, Dr. Frost will need to make medical decisions that are on a case-by-case basis.

Please watch the video below to learn more about shoulder pain.


Knee Injuries

The most common causes of knee injury and pain:

1.    Lateral or medial movement
2.    Twisting one of the bones of the knee
3.    Twisting outside in or rarely inside out
4.    Hyper flexion and extension to the knee
5.    Compression phenomenon, common in car accidents

Diagnosing type of knee injury:

•    Is the pain going up or down the pain?
•    Are there events where the knee just gives way on you?
•    Was there a loud pop at the time of injury?
•    Does the knee lock in place?
•    Is arthritis present due to aging?

Treatment Options:

The purpose of treatment is to return the range of motions with various exercises, the RICE treatment: rest, ice, compress and elevate (compression can sometimes include bracing for an unstable joint). In general, knee injuries respond best to various exercises aimed at increasing range of motions, decreasing pain and striving to rehabilitate the knee fully, long-term.

Please watch the video below to learn more about knee pain.

Chiropractic is mainly associated with only the treatment of neck and back conditions. However, it extremely effective with healing other sources of pain from the joints and other extremities of the body, such as the shoulders, knees, elbows, and ankles. Dr. Greg Frost has been rehabilitating such injuries for over 25 years, and in these videos he discusses some of the other sources of pain he frequently sees, such as the shoulders and knees, and how they can be healed at Frost Chiropractic Longevity & Wellness in Carlsbad, CA.

We also offer treatment options for the following conditions:
Neck pain
Upper and mid back pain
Low back pain
Car accident injuries

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