Neck Pain

One of the most common things that Dr. Frost’s Carlsbad chiropractic patients complain about is neck pain. Neck pain is very common and can be caused by a wide range of factors. The good news is that most neck pain can be healed. Having said that, let’s discuss the different types and stages of neck pain as well as the various treatment methods we use at Frost Chiropractic to heal neck pain.

There are four stages or types of neck pain:

1.    The pain is felt in the neck area only
2.    The pain is felt in the neck and down one or both shoulder blades
3.    The pain is felt in the neck, down one or both shoulder blades and down one or both arms
4.    The pain is felt in the neck, shoulder blades, the arms and finger tips are tingly

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be caused by a wide range of factors including cause-and-effect, poor posture, sudden trauma or injury, such as whiplash, and old age. Let’s take a closer look at the most common causes of neck pain.

  • Cause-and-effect – sudden wrong movement such as bending down, sleeping in a twisted position, reaching for something and the like
  • Trauma – trauma can be caused by various factors such as car accidents, biking accidents, falling down and so on
  • Posture – neck pain is very common for individuals who are working behind computers. However, in general, hunching down for any reason for a prolonged period of time can lead to neck pain
  • Age – neck pain is common in aging individuals as muscles are weaker and bones are worn out over time. Arthritis is another big cause of neck pain in aging persons
  • Herniated disk
  • Stress – shoulders hunch up during stress causing the muscles contract and lead to neck pain

Neck Pain Treatment Options at Frost Chiropractic

How We Approach Neck Pain

At Frost Chiropractic we first approach neck pain with chiropractic manipulation to make sure that any bones in the neck that may be out of place are placed back in their natural position. As the treatment continues, we may add additional therapies depending on the cause of the neck pain. Often, we will also incorporate cervical spine exercise programs as well as exercises for a more appropriate, natural posture to prevent aggravation in the neck and body.

Please watch the video below as Dr. Frost discusses neck pain causes, types of neck pain and out treatment options. Dr. Frost has been treating Carlsbad chiropractic patients for mote than 25 years.

One of the most common issues we see in office is neck pain. Dr. Greg Frost discusses the different stages of neck pain and it’s causes, whether it be age, posture, trauma, or stress, and what you can expect with treatment at Frost Chiropractic Longevity & Wellness in Carlsbad, CA.

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