Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions

We all know how exciting it is to turn a new leaf, begin New Year’s resolutions, leap for a change, or better ourselves. The first days are easy peasy and it seems as if this will be no problem at all! But as the weeks pass and we have to make our new behavoir or character change a HABIT we start to fall off track…the struggle is real! No need to fret this year though. Follow these guidelines below and your new found goal can and WILL be acheived!!

1. Keep your goal simple. Pick one thing and stick to it. This is a lifestyle change that can be overwhelming and January does happen to fall in the middle of the Holiday season and the start of a new work year. It can be stressful time and the best thing we can do is to simply…simplify. This isn’t to shortcut your aspirations, but to make them become a long-term habit we can stick with. Maybe seven days at the gym would be more realistic with three or four. At least to start out with.

2.Find support. Talk about it with your family and friends. Find a group that can participate in your resolution with you and keep you accountable. Join a meet-up even and get out to meet new people who have a like-minded mindset. It will be easier if you do.

3. Keep positive. Don’t beat yourself up over falling off track. Remember you are human and life does get busy. If at first you don’t succeed, brush yourself off and start again! Change is challenging and take it one step at a time. Perserverance is key ladies and gentlemen. Developing a new habit takes time and continual work. Keep at it, you will get there!

4. Reward yourself. It certianly is not easy to make a behavior change and you shall be rewarded for all your hard work. Pick something to look forward to to keep you on track and motivated.

5. Create a plan. Make a schedule and anticipate the things that can get in your way and how you will problem solve through them.

5. Just go for it. Pick a date, create a plan, make a commitment, and just run with it 100%! You may even develop a new sense of self-confidence if you do.

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