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Patient Testimonials

“I have been with Dr. Frost for fourteen years. He is an amazing chiropractor who cares about the patients health and well being. How so you say? Dr. Gregory Frost gave me his personal cell if I needed him when the office was closed and I needed an adjustment. He would help you on his own personal time. Kudos to Dr.Frost……”   – J. Albergo

Frost Chiropractic & Wellness Carlsbad CA

“We have been patients of Dr. Frost for more than 5 years.  Joan has suffered occasional lower back issues stemming from an old injury.  It was one of these that first brought her to Dr. Frost. She was impressed by his medical knowledge and professional and caring manner. He quickly had her feeling better and showed her some back exercises she could do on her own and help keep problems away.

Dennis has had issues in the knees, legs, and back. Joan had been so impressed by Dr. Frost that when Dennis had a knee episode he went to see him. Dennis was just as impressed by Dr. Frost as Joan had been and, as in Joan’s case Dennis was soon feeling better and was given exercise instructions for the knees.

Since then, whenever either of us has had any issue, it’s been “Call Dr. Frost.” He is knowledge of the human body and how it works is amazing. Seeing him is always a pleasure: he is good natured, friendly, humorous and approachable. And here is the key part: Dennis has been to various chiropractors over the years and always had the impression that there was no curing going on – just making the patient temporarily feel better so that he will come in again next week. Dr. Frost, on the other hand, is always trying to get the patient to the stage where he can STOP coming in.”   – J. and D. Johnson

Frost Chiropractic & Wellness Carlsbad CA

“I have been a patient of Dr. Frost for over 25 years. I appreciate the “gentler” approach to chiropractic treatments, rather than harsh as others can be. He also listens and ask appropriate questions that help in the diagnosis. I highly recommend Dr. Frost.” – K. Esqueda

Frost Chiropractic & Wellness Carlsbad CA

“I have been coming to Dr. Frost for 6 years for back pain and adjustments. Dr. Frost is very friendly and very professional and always is willing to help me when I need him. I ALWAYS feel better when I leave his office. His staff is very professional and helpful as well. I highly recommend Dr. Frost to anybody and everybody.” -K. McNabb

Frost Chiropractic & Wellness Carlsbad CA

“Fifteen years ago I was introduced to Gregory Frost. I was suffering with an injury to my trapezius muscle. My GP couldn’t help, physical therapy was a waste of time. As an employee of the largest fitness organization in the world I was addicted to working out and because of my enthusiasm I was careless and injured myself. I was at a loss because I didn’t think I would ever heal. Then a fellow employee and dear friend suggested Frost Chiro. It was the week of 9/11 and needless to say there was much heartbreak and dismay in our country. My depression only added to my pain. My first visit alleviated some pain and 8 weeks later with just one day per week, I was pain free. Since then I have continued to see Dr Frost whenever I needed readjusting or exercises for whatever is ailing me at the time.

Not only did he help me physically but we became and still are great friends. Throughout the 15 years I have never known him to be anything but gracious and extremely dedicated to all. A true professional in every sense of the word. I have directed many people to him throughout the years and have never had a negative report from any of them.

Do yourself a favor my friends when you are in pain and let this man work his magic and make you healthy again. – J. Kocyk

Frost Chiropractic & Wellness Carlsbad CA

“Dr. Frost recognizes specific areas that require special attention to conditioning and strengthening.  He is without hesitation supportive by physical manipulation to my spine and posture.  With his outstanding knowledge, Dr. Frost continues to properly suggest common exercise, weight machines and equipment that enhance daily activities.  His insistence to focus on strengthening the upper, mid and low back musculature proves the benefit to increase strength and endurance.  Dr. Frost is highly recommended for anyone who needs direction for maintenance; most importantly, he is also extremely valuable to me because I have the ability to function and move with a full range of motion.  I no longer suffer physically and mentally; I am living with ease:  thanks be to Dr. Frost as my Chiropractor.  He has been maintaining my alignment for over 20 years!” – P. Traver

Frost Chiropractic & Wellness Carlsbad CA

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